Gastric Sleeve Surgery For Weight Loss – The Fastest Obesity Cure?

Gastric sleeve for fat loss is a relatively new surgery used to help patients lose a large number of weight. It's also termed a gastric gastrectomy, and is used remove a part of a person's stomach that can help them shrink their stomach thereby lose weight.

How it works?

So, like i just now said, this procedure is meant for people who are very obese and is usually restricted to those who have a BMI (body mass index) of over 50. The objective is that can help the patient lose bodyweight and protect them in the many illnesses and diseases that can affect those who are extremely overweight. During the gastric sleeve surgery, the doctor removes 80 percent of the stomach usually done laparoscopically. You can also get the Sleeve gastrectomy surgery in LA.

What goes on after surgery?

After creating a gastric sleeve surgery done staying with the prescribe diet is vital. For up to the first 6 weeks, only any liquid diet is granted. After the doctor gives his approval, you can start solid food but remain limited in what it is possible to eat.

Studies have shown that modest weight gain is observed immediately after surgery, largely because of seventy-five percent of your current stomach being gone! Patients who follow an exercise and nutrition plan can get to lose typically ten pounds within 30 days after surgery. This process doesn't halt normal digestion or absorption of nutrient and calories from foods.